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It was a 8 pm I got out of the bus and started walking and two short girls followed me shouting my name NISHAN ,nishan…….,I heard but never turned back and continued walking.One of the girl came running towards me ,she was fair ,beautiful with long hair with two plaits .They are my classmates during tenth and we are in our class 12 studying in different schools,we became good friends and was attending same tution classes .I stoped walking and turned towards her she started shouting at me,Why you never told me she used to play with your hair ? She is always posseessive on me .And we two started walking, fighting with each other ,and there was another girl walking behind us staring at the roads ,she was thin with short hair platted with black ribbon wearing her school uniforms looking innocent and was following us .she never speaks much ,she was just listening to our conversation and was smiling and she started walking before us .Our conversation continued but my attention was towards the girl walking infront of me

liya ,I used to see her during my class 10,she used to make fun of others ,the way she speaks ,behaves, something grasped her attention .It was crossroads and she reached the deadend and was waiting for us under the streetlight .And when i was seeing her she turned and smiled at me in that gloomy ,dim yellow light .I have never seen her in such a way she looked beautiful when she smiled .Everything went blank only her smile was flashing at me .It was like a spark attacked me and I still remember the day i fell in love with her.

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